Top of The Gulf Regatta - Notice Of Race

Notice Of Race


Thailand Optimist Open Championship
Thailand SV14 Para Sailing Championship

1st - 6th May, 2020


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The regatta is organised by the Top of the Gulf Regatta Organising Committee under the auspices of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, the Platu Yacht Association, the Windsurfing Association of Thailand, Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Royal Varuna Yacht Club and Disabled Sailing Thailand.

Ocean Marina Yacht Club located in Pattaya, Thailand can accommodate yachts with a draft of 3.5 metres within the marina. Yachts with a draft in excess of 3.5 metres may be moored nearby with ferry service provided to Ocean Marina. There may be restrictions on the times for exit and entry to the marina but a crew ferry service will be provided where and when necessary.

All enquiries and entries should be addressed to:
The Secretary
Top of the Gulf Regatta
Ocean Marina Yacht Club
167/5 Moo4, Km 157 Sukhumvit Road
Sattahip, Chonburi 20250, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 3823 5300
Mobile Phone: +66 (0) 81 811 8930
Fax: +66 (0) 3823 5265


1.1   The Regatta will be governed by:
2017 – 2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of World Sailing (WS)
The IRC Rules Parts A, B and C, The OMR rule for Ocean Multihulls, The International Platu Class Rules and any local amendments, The Class Rules of the appropriate dinghy
, windsurfing, and beach catamaran classes.
1.1.1 The Class 16 SV14 boats are supplied by the Regatta. The SV14 Supplied Equipment Regulations as specificied in "Addendum A" shall apply.
Between sunset and sunrise, when a boat cannot determine with certainty what tack the other boat is on, she shall keep clear of that boat. Competitors are reminded that part of the definition of “room” in the RRS includes taking into account the existing conditions (including visibility).
Nothing in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions relieves a boat of her responsibility under civil law to comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea or local regulations.
1.3   The World Sailing Special Regulations Appendix B, World Sailing 2018-2019 Offshore Special Regulations for inshore racing shall apply to all keelboats and Ocean Multihulls. Regatta specific safety requirements will apply to all other classes. These shall include but may not be restricted to; communication devices and reporting schedules, minimum drinking water requirements, tally discs and life vests. These safety rules will be available from the organizing committee one month before the event.
1.4   The regatta is classified as a Category C event under RRS 80 and WS Regulation 20 Advertising Code.
1.4.1   The Organising Committee will require all participating boats to display the event sponsor's advertising in accordance with Regulation 20.3 (d 1).
1.4.2   The Organising Committee approval will be required for any other advertising, and it is unlikely to be given for products competing with those of the Regatta Principal Sponsors or for which advertising is controlled by local laws or customs.
1.5   The Sailing Instructions will be available at Registration and published on the website 15 days before the Regatta.
1.6   No National Prescriptions shall apply.
1.7   Blank 
1.8   RRS 55 will be changed in the sailing instructions by adding the following sentence to the rule: 'However, discarding elastic, cotton or wool bands when setting a sail will not be considered a breach of rule 55.'


2.1   The Regatta will have the following classes, subject to entries received.
2.1.1   Class One, IRC 1 - Keelboats with an IRC 1.200 and above.
Note: The Committee will consider Class 0 for TP52 (and like) yachts subject to entry numbers.

2.1.2   Class Two, IRC 2 - Keelboats with an IRC 1.060 to 1.199.
2.1.3   Class Three, IRC 3 - Keelboats with an IRC 0.960 to 1.059.
2.1.4   Class Four, Cruising - Keelboats cruising in nature, performance handicaps will be issued by Top of the Gulf Handicap Committee and will not be grounds for redress (alters RRS 60.1 and 62).
2.1.5   Class Five, Platu - Platu class keelboats.
2.1.6   Class Six, Ocean Multihulls - Ocean going catamarans and trimarans.
2.1.7   Class Seven, Thailand Optimist Open Championship.
2.1.8   Class Eight, Laser Standard, Finn and Single handed Mono hulls with RVYC rating 1110 or less.
2.1.9   Class Nine, Laser Radial and Single handed Mono hulls with RVYC rating between 1111 and 1200.
2.1.10   Class Ten, Laser 4.7 and Single handed Mono hulls with RVYC rating greater than 1200.
2.1.11   Class Eleven, 420, 470 and Double Handed mono hull dinghies.
2.1.12   Class Twelve, Beach Catamarans (subject to sufficient entries).
2.1.13 Blank.
2.1.14 Class Fourteen, Sailboards (subject to sufficient entries).
2.1.15 Class Fifteen, IOM Class RC Yachts.
2.1.16 Class Sixteen, Thailand SV14 Para Sailing Championship. Note; this class will be sailed by two crew, one of which shall have a valid International Classification under the Para World Sailing Funcational Classification System. This class will sail over 4 days in either fleet or flight configuration depending on entries received and paid prior to 15th April 2020. The S\V14 boats shall be supplied by the Regatta committee and supplied in the configuration stated in Appendix A.
  RVYC (Royal Varuna Yacht Club) ratings and their international equivalents can be obtained from the committee.
2.2   The organizing authority may alter, amalgamate or divide any class, may reassign boats to other classes to equalize the classes and may add classes as required. The organizing authority may cancel any class if fewer than seven entries have been received by the closing date. In this event, boats that have entered will have the option of transferring to another class (if eligible) or having their entry fee refunded. The Race Committee's decision shall be final and not be subject to requests for redress. This alters RRS 62.1(a).
2.3   The Race Committee recognizes that there may be boats that by virtue of design may qualify under these criteria in the above classes but consider themselves to be cruising orientated either by accommodations, rig, sails or other reasons. The committee will receive written applications for consideration for inclusion in a Cruising Class no later than April 1, 2019 giving details of the boat and the reasons for consideration. A valid IRC certificate, sail plan, accommodation layout including details of installed equipment, keel details and crew list MUST accompany the application. Applications based on crew criteria alone will not be entertained. The Committee's decision shall be final and not subject to appeal.
2.4   Where boat specification falls between the above parameters owners should consult the Race Committee on class placement.
Application for entry shall be made on the official Entry Forms. The entry fee for the yacht and skipper for Classes 1 - 6 is 16,000THB plus 4,000THB for each additional crew member participating in the regatta. The combination of Yacht, Skipper and each additional crew member fee constitutes the total entry fee for the competing yacht.
For Classes 8 -12 the entry fee for yacht and skipper is 3,000THB plus 3,000THB for each additional crew member participating in the regatta. For entry and crew under 18 years of age at the date of the regatta, refer below.
The entry fee for Classes 14, and 15 shall be 2,000THB.

The entry fee for Class 16 for the two-man crew shall be 4,000 THB, coaches 2,000 THB. And includes the yacht charter fee.
The regatta has special fees of 1,800THB for entrants and crew under 18 years of age at the date of the regatta and members of the RTN.

The Entry Fee should accompany the Entry Form, and this can be completed on the regatta's official website. Entries must be received by 15 April, 2020. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Race Committee, which may levy a late entry fee of 2,500THB. Cancellations before 15 April, 2020 may be refunded after deduction of 20% of the amount paid for administration costs. All entry fees include Thai VAT tax and credit card charges.

2.6   The entry fee for Class 7 is 1,000THB and is partly subsidized by the organisers and paid at registration. Optimist family and/ or supporters shall pay a fee of 1,200THB to attend the official Optimist functions. 
2.7   The participation fee to attend all social events shall be 4,000THB for all supporters. 
2.8   Current IRC certificates where required shall be lodged at the time of registration however the current handicap number shall be inserted in the entry form.


The following is the proposed schedule. Any changes will be notified on the official website and by email to competitors already entered. Classes 1-6 will race five days, Classes 7 to 12 and 16 race four days. Classes 14 and 15 shall sail three days. Sailing days schedule may change. There will be free practice 30th April and 1st May for competitors in the SV14 Para Sailing class. A suitable schedule will be drawn up for competitors registered by 15th April 2019.

Friday 1st May 2020: Registration Day Classes 1-6
  10:00 – 17:30 Registration Classes 1-6.
  14:00 Practice Race Classes 1-6.
  18:00 Free evening.
Saturday 2nd May 2020: Race Day One: Classes 1-6, Registration Classes 7-12 and 16
  08:30 Skippers Briefing Classes 1-6.
  09:30 – 16:30 Registration Classes 7-12 and 16.
  10:55 Racing Program Begins Classes 1-6.
  18:00 – 20:00 Opening Ceremony and cocktails on the Lawn.
Sunday 3rd May 2020: Race Day Two: All Classes except Classes 14, 15
  09:00 Briefing Classes 7-12 and 16
  10:55 Racing Program Begins All Classes except 14, 15.
  17:00 – 19:00 Prize Giving and Drinks on the Lawn.
Monday 4th May 2020: Race Day Three: All Classes
  09:00-10:00 Registration and briefing Classes 14 and 15
  10:55 Racing Program Begins All Classes
  17:00 – 19:00 Sausage sizzle and BBQ, drinks on the lawn
Tuesday 5th May 2020: Race Day Four: All Classes
  10:55 Racing Program Begins All Classes.
  17:00 – 19:00 Prize Giving and Drinks on the Lawn.
  Wednesday 6th May 2020: Race Day Five: All Classes
  10:55 Racing Program Begins All Classes.
  18:00 – 22:00 Ocean Marina Gala Dinner and Regatta Prize Giving.
  The latest time for a warning signal on the last scheduled day of racing will be 1400hrs.


The regatta is run on six course areas. Classes 1-6 shall compete on an outer course area and other classes will compete on inshore areas. Each course area shall have its own race officer and support team as well as shore management. A schedule of courses will be issued for Classes 1-6 together with the Sailing Instructions. This schedule will contain a number of courses, windward-leeward, inshore, coastal and inter-island. The course(s) will be chosen to take into account the prevailing or forecast weather conditions on the day of the race. For outer course coastal and inter-island races the approximate coordinates of any marks of the course will be indicated in the course schedule. Actual (or changes to) coordinates will be notified on the day of race via the official notice board and/or VHF radio on committee boats. The Committee may set additional courses which will be conveyed to the competitors prior to racing. Class 7, Classes 8-12, and classes 14, 15 and 16 will have separate course areas.



For Classes 1- 6 for Windward / Leeward Courses and all Multihull races, the Two-Turns penalty (RRS 44.1) is replaced by the One Turn penalty. All other classes shall perform the Two-Turn Penalty.



6.1   For each class, two races shall be completed to constitute a series.
6.2   For Classes 1-3, and 6; ten races are scheduled. If six or more races are completed, one discard will be allowed. If five races or less are completed, all will count.
6.3   For Class 5, Platus, 15 races are scheduled. If seven races or more are completed one discard will be allowed. If six races or less completed, all will count.
6.4   For Class 4, six races are scheduled. If five races are completed, one discard will be allowed. If four races or less are completed, all will count.
For Classes 7, if there is Team racing, a minimum of 9 races subject to conditions are scheduled. If there is no Team racing, a minimum of 12 races subject to conditions are scheduled. If seven or more races are completed, one discard will be allowed. If six races or fewer are completed, all will count.
6.6 For Classes 8-15 a minimum of 12 races subject to conditions are scheduled. If seven or more races are completed one discard will be allowed. If six or fewer are completed all will count.
6.7 For Class 16 the racing format will be either fleet or flight format depending on the entries. Racing will be restricted to two races in the morning and two in the afternoon per flight or fleet, with provision for a third race in the afternoon weather and conditions permitting based on the Race Officers need to complete the racing schedule. 


7.1   Maximum Crew Number. For Classes 1-3, IRC Rule 22.4.2 is deleted and replaced by “The maximum number of crew that may sail aboard a boat shall be 120% the Crew Number printed on her certificate (rounded up to a whole number). There is no weight limit.”
7.2   In the case of a boat rated as a One-Design, and when her IRC crew limitation exceeds her One-Design Class crew limitation, a boat shall comply with her One-Design Class rules.
7.3   There shall be no restriction on crew changes for Classes 1-11, however any changes must not exceed the number or weight specification for each class.
For Class 4 there shall be a minimum number of crew to sail the boat safely given the conditions during the regatta. This is estimated to be no less than 50% of the Crew Number as printed on the yachts IRC certificate (rounded up to a whole number) or equivalent, or as may be determined by the Committee.
Classes 5-12 shall sail with crew numbers in accordance with the yachts IRC certificate or class rules.
7.5   Class 5 and 6 shall declare their crew weight at registration.
7.6   Substitution of Helmsman will not be allowed without prior written approval of the race committee.
7.7 Class 16 shall race with two crew, one of which shall have a valid International Classification under the Para World Sailing Functional Classification System.


8.1   The IRC Handicap System shall be used for Classes 1-3. 
Results will be decided by application of a boat’s TCC printed on each boat’s IRC certificate.  The ratings shall be a multiplier of elapsed time with the lowest corrected time being the winner and so forth.

8.2   Class 4 shall be racing on Committee assigned performance handicaps which cannot be protested.
8.3   The OMR handicap system shall be used for the Ocean Multihulls.
8.4   The Texel rating system shall be used for the Beach Catamaran Class.
8.5   The OMR and Texel handicaps shall be fixed and not subject to request for redress.


9.1   All yachts shall be liable for inspection in accordance with applicable safety and measurement requirements.
9.2   All yachts shall carry mainsail numbers. Any yacht without a mainsail number may purchase a number for the duration from the supplier of the Regatta Committee.
9.3   The Organizing Committee strongly recommends that each yacht carry adequate third party insurance sufficient to cover the liability to crew and third party property and persons in the class being sailed.


10.1   An International Jury will be appointed in accordance with RRS 91(b). Its decisions will be final, as detailed in RRS 70.5.


11.1   The First, Second and Third place prizes will be awarded in each class, subject to competitor numbers.
11.2 Blank.
11.3   A suitable Optimist Cup shall be presented to the winning competitor; suitable trophies will be presented to competitors depending on designation of the competition.
11.4   Other prizes including prizes for individual races and divisional results and line honours may be awarded at the discretion of the Organising Committee.


12.1   Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4, Decision to Race. The Organising Committee, the Race Committee, the regatta sponsors and their representatives, officers, members and volunteers accept no liability whatsoever for any loss of life, property, personal injury, or damage caused by or arising out of the regatta.
12.2   The regatta may be classified as a Category C event under Regulation 20.4.2. However, prior approval of the Organizing Committee of the regatta shall be required for any advertising in addition to that permitted under Regulation 20.3.3.
12.3   Without limitation, the Organizing Committee is expected to disapprove any advertising it deems in conflict with Thai laws or customs and may disapprove advertising in conflict with the products of event sponsors. This prescription shall constitute an Individual Advertising Licence System for purposes of Regulation 20.4.2.


By entering the regatta competitors accept that they may be photographed and/ or videotaped participating in the race and they consent to the taking of such images and to the use, reuse, publication and republication of such images in any media, in conjunction with the competitors’ name or not, without compensation and without the competitors approval of such images or any use thereof.



This Notice of Race may be subject to amendments which will be published on the regatta website.


Addendum A

SV Class Boats
Class 16 Thailand SV14 Para Sailing Championship.

Note; this class will be sailed by two crew. This class will sail over 4 days in either fleet or flight configuration depending on entries received and paid prior to 15th April 2019.



1.1   Boats will be provided for all competitors, who shall not modify them or cause them to be modified in any way except that;
a) a compass may be tied or taped to the hull or spars;
b) wind indicators, including yarn or thread, may be tied or taped anywhere on the boat.

1.2   Boats will be provided in two bucket seats, not tilting, 2 tiller arms complete with line steering connected to twin rudders, main sail, jib and Asymmetric Spinnaker in Norlon .75 oz.
1.3   All equipment provided with the boat for sailing purposes shall be in the boat while afloat.
1.4 The penalty for not complying with one of the above instructions will be disqualification from all races sailed in which the instruction was broken.
1.5 Competitors shall report any damage or loss of equipment, however slight, to the organizing authority's representative immediately after securing the boat ashore. The penalty for breaking this instruction, unless the protest committee is satisfied that the competitor made a determined effort to comply, will be disqualifiication from the race most recently sailed.
1.6 Competitors shall provide their own safety vest.